Being Crafty is oh-so-cool

Being Crafty is oh-so-cool

Crafty moms


I remember when we were growing up (the Y2K generation) it was definitely NOT cool to be crafty. Everything was just starting to get digitized and electronics were all the hype!
If you could get something that had neon or flashing lights, made a sound or was in any way electronic instead of hand-made or worse, home-made! eek!

Now, the complete opposite is true. Our lives are ruled by electronics, and none of us can function without it. It’s become part of our 24/7 lifestyles that we’re all forever running around in.
So when we see anything that is hand-made or home-made we gush over it and we want it! Our houses all have little ‘Love’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Hope’ trinkets carved out of wood, or engraved in a frame or a rock. We’re all obsessed with ‘natural’ things and a guaranteed topic of conversation always seems to be ‘guess what I made out of this or that’. The web is over flowing with websites and blogs about crafts and anything and everything hand-made.


So in the interest of every oh-so-cool crafty mom out there, we’re not only going to share craft ideas and projects with you, but we will also exactly where you can find them IN YOUR COMMUNITY!
No more scrolling through thousands of websites or pins, then trying to decipher what exactly it is that they used, and what on earth it would be called here and where you can get your hands on it.
We will list every item, supplier and price for you, and if we can, some variations to suit different tastes. As easy as that!
AND our local small business owners and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to share their products, their own ideas and their specials with you!
Think Global, but Support Local – that will be our craft motto!

Can’t wait to share thins amazing hobby with all of you! And as always, we absolutely love hearing from you, so please leave us a comment or send us an email about your own crafts, or photos of one of ours that you might have tried!

The Perfect Coffee Table with a bonus

The Perfect Coffee Table with a bonus


You can NEVER have enough ‘packing’ or storage space, especially if you’re a mom!

I removed our coffee table a few years ago, because it became more of a space taker and fight-instigator with the boys. And I miss it every day!
There is just something about a perfectly placed little table that can turn an ordinary living room into something that would make you take note, not only of the table, but of the house owner’s style and other pieces that you might have missed.

And look what I found! Ta-da!
The perfect little table to get my looooong awaited classic look back AND (yes there is more!) it has storage space!

Love it Love it Love it!

If any of you have something similar in your house already, please let’s hear from you! I want to know if it is truly as amazing as I’m dreaming about!